[UPDATED] 1 line challenge: "Sunrise"

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== UPDATED: Look in "HELP!" sprite to find how it works ==

For @Scratch-Minion's "1 Line Challenge"... I call it "Sunrise" :-)

The "1 Line Challenge" is to produce an interesting pattern on the screen using only one line of code to calculate the color of each pixel. You may only change the "set pen color" line in this project.
(See original project, and inside, for more about the challenge)

Much of the design came from a first guess at things, and then fairly tedious trial and error, fiddling around with the numbers for an hour or so, rather than actually bothering to work out everything carefully.
Preventing (too much) 'cross-contamination' of the various ARGB components in the "set pen color" block was... tricky...

Still, it came out OK, so I'm fairly happy with it.

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