The Music Note Game

by shd02
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In this game, memorize the pitches of the music notes played. Guess the pitches as close as you can and play them on the keyboard. You can play before starting the game if you want.

Press space and click "play" to hear the series of notes. There will be one note if on level 1, two notes for level 2, and so on. Instruments will change. Guess by clicking the piano keys. Points are scored for each note. This is the scoring:
If you get a note exactly, 5 points are earned.
If it's one key off, 4 points.
Two keys off: 3 points
Three keys off: 2 points
Four keys off: 1 point
Five keys off: 0 points but the game still continues
Six or more keys off: The game ends and "Game Over" appears.
Both black and white keys count.
Scores are added from all levels.
You will be able to play the notes as many times as you want as long as you have not started guessing.
The notes played are random.

Notes and Credits

I didn't use anything to make this except the scratch library, paint editor, and blocks. The notes were made using sound blocks.

Please post scores in the comments if you want.
My high score so far is 92.

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