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If you want to got to the next brain teaser press the space bar If you think you know the answer you can type your answer in a comment box. It has to include your answer and which number the brain teaser is. ( This means if it's the first brain teaser, the second one etc.) Some brain teasers are easy and some are not. If I get more than 10 love-its on this project I might make a new project with all the answers. Please don't put in the answers if you know the real answer. Hope you have fun!

Notes and Credits

These brain teasers are compiled from Google. Please like and favorite!!! Also I would love it if Brain Teasers got remixed or even better, featured! Please consider it. Thanks!

November 21, 2016- OMG 104 views!!! YAY!!!

P.S. A few of the brain teasers are from the Batman movie series.

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