3D Raycasting Test Version 1.1

See inside

Welcome to my attempt at raycasting! Move around in a 3D space!

Move forward with W or UP.
Move backward with S or DOWN.
Turn left with A or LEFT.
Turn right with D or RIGHT.
Press H to see a map and get the option to alter the resolution.
Press J to hide those things.

Notes and Credits

The comment section is telling me I've been curated! I'm not sure where to see that, but thank you!

Thank you all so much for all the support! This great community is one of the reasons I use Scratch. Thank you!

When I figured out how to do this, I flipped.

While it does have room for improvement, it's a pretty fine job, and I'm super excited to put this to use! I want to add a few more features first, though.

V. 1.0: Initial release.
V. 1.1: I took some of @Dr_Minecraft's advice. I converted the map to bitmap and added some more variation to the resolution. The new higher resolution looks pretty nice but takes a good computer to run.

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