Blammer Arcade (Platformer)

by Link888
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Recommended to be played in the phosphorus player, but has slight graphical glitches:

How to Play:
You control Blammer the Unicorn and have ten lives. Your goal is to earn points by defeating enemies, racking up combos and surviving as long as possible!

WASD / Arrow Keys - Movement, Jumping and Ducking
Space - Pop Bubble / Use Power Up
Click the button on the bottom-left corner to mute all sounds

How to Earn Points:
- Jump on Squishies and Missiles to earn points. You build a combo if you jump on consecutive enemies without touching the ground. -Spinders will shoot lasers at you but will die if you jump into them, which will also raise your combo.
- By jumping into missiles from above or below, you can change their trajectories and kill more enemies with them!
- You also earn bonus 1000 points after travelling a large distance.

Power Ups:
The colourful boxes with lightning bolts contain power ups:
- Mega: Turns you into an invincible giant, allowing you to rack up massive combos
- Ghost: Holding space allows you to glide in mid air and become invincible for a short period
- Coin: Gain 100 free unicoins
- 1UP: Gain a free life
Your current power up is shown on the bottom-right corner

Unicoins are the form of currency in this game. You earn 100 unicoins after travelling certain distances, power ups and jumping on golden squishies. Upon losing all of your lives, you can press space to spend 500 unicoins to keep playing to improve your score.

Notes and Credits

Part of the Link888 Elite:

This is basically my take on what Super Mario would be as an Arcade Platformer.

It's obvious that everyone's favourite levels are the autoscrolling stages (right?); so why not just have one long, randomly generated autoscrolling stage! Your aim is to rack up as many points possible, instead of just reaching the end flag of the level.

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My personal best is 114200, try to beat me!

- All Graphics and Artwork were made by me, except the background found here:
- All Programming was done by me, with a little bit of reference to RHY and Griffpatch's platforming tutorials:
- All Concepts and Designs were made by me, but hugely inspired by the Super Mario franchise and Jetpack Joyride
- Music is from Mega Man 2, downloaded from here:
- Sound Effects are from New Super Mario Bros. Wii and Mario Kart Wii, downloaded from the Sounds Resource

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Update Log:
Update 2 Sep 2016 v1.1
-Music now alternates rather than being random, so it is easier to choose the track that you want to listen to
-Blammer now moves faster as the game speeds up
-You can no longer collect more powerups when you have the mega powerup (this fixes a bug as well as balancing)
-Combos can no longer be earned while in a bubble

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