What If The Moon Disappeared?

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Duration: About 2 minutes

Don't talk about the Donut Clam, for he is sacred and beautiful.

I am trying to answer all comments! So far I'm doing fine, but more is coming! Please don't post several comments, try to keep comments to a minimum!

Notes and Credits

This is my first time being front-paged :')
-Please follow @ScratchinJojo and @Aboot4 because they contributed to the project too!
-Added a earth and moon at the end credits :)
-TOP LOVED! Thank you all so much! :D

Wow thanks guys! You guys are awesome! It's all thanks to you guys for the success. Without you, none of these numbers would count :D
I am super-proud of this project, I worked VERY hard on it! Thank you to my 2 team members, and thank YOU for watching! :D


Music: Journey by @ScratchinJoJo
Research from websites about the moon

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