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OK Guys. This is my last creepypasta.

Notes and Credits

One day, I got a Wii, and used Fireguy27's credit card to get 4,000 Wii points. He was mad. Next, I downloaded Super Mario 64. It doesn't look like the Super Mario 64 I know. Next, I saw the title. It said, "Haunted Mario 64." The splash screen Mario freaked me out. His eyes were black and he had red pupils. Once I pressed the start button on my Gamecube controller (Which I connected to my Wii), It sent me to the game. Once I got to the game, I saw ALOT of big boos. Fireguy27 saw this too.

Mario- 88
Coins- 90
Stars- ҉ ҉

Next, I was at Mario's grave, and the message pop out. It said: "R.I.P ..."

My Gamecube controller broke down, so I press the home button on my Wii remote and told Fireguy27 "We need a new gamecube controller."

Fireguy27 said to me, "I'll check on it."

He exited the home menu and tested the controller. "It's working fine."

So I went back to the game. Next, I went to Peach's castle. It had the Lavender Town music from Pokemon.

The HUD says-

Mario- ҉
Coins- 99999999999 "WHOA! THAT'S ALOT OF COINS!!! :O"
Stars- 48 "|:T"

So I was back to Mario's grave. The controller actions were available. So I went to the glitchy entrance and next, I saw a guy who is a little like Mario, but with a different color of suit. The message showed up again, and it was written in Japanese- 少しゲームをプレイする準備はできましたか?(Are you ready to play a little game?) So then he killed Mario and Mario was escorted to the black screen. And then I was back at the title screen with no music at all. I was scared. Fireguy27 said, "You know, you should not have downloaded this game." I replied to him. "Sorry! I thought it was a good idea! D:" Fireguy27 yanked the controller out of my hands. He was playing the game and he screamed.

The end

EDIT: Why are you all taking this seriously? This NEVER happened! It's not even the real thing.

EDIT 2: I changed the title for a reason.

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