Shift as a cat (+body structure)

See inside

*The power's stayed on for a while, so I managed to draw and post this*
Just click the flag! It'll switch images on its own.
If you'd like to stop the sequence, press space!
Then use the right arrow key to go through them on your own ;>

*No music as of now because I have no idea what I want to use ahaa*
NOTE ABOUT THE AMV WIP: I accidentally left my USB drive at home and am unable to get to my files, so I might not be updating it for a while.

Notes and Credits

I just felt like drawing Shift as a cat, but then decided to make it into a 'view-inside' thing. I'll add on more to it soon to make it into a clickable-type viewer.

Shift normally has an outer layer to cover and protect his mechanical inside/actual body, but he can easily remove the outer covering. If someone didn't know him, it would be quite easy to mistake him for a normal cat, especially if he doesn't leave his ears exposed and shuts off his LEDs while in his covered form (you can easily see his robotic ears and LEDs along his body here.) The form underneath, however is certainly easy to see as a machine! Also, he can alter his height with the use of hydraulics, that's why there isn't much wiring around his leg joints because it's a hydraulic system that allows them to function.

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