♦ Fnaf1: 8-Bit Shift's at Freddy's V1.5.9

See inside

Space to jumpscare (when touching nightguard)
Press on a animatronics to see the controls and press 0 to hide.
press 7 for foxy's dam dam dam sound
press 8 for freddy laugh
press 9 for golden Freddy laugh

Notes and Credits

You can make foxy automatic / not automatic

Current Update: 1.5.4
- Custom hitbox for player
- Fade in/out when clicked on button
- Title glowing line
- Bug fixes
- Custom freddy hitbox
Next update: 1.5.6
- Custom map hitbox
- Azerty/Qwerty Controlls changer
Soon updates: ?.?.?
- Different modes: 1:Custom night mode= Customizable animatronics/player speed changer, AM duration, remove animatronics 2: dayshift mode= give cake to kids (little bit like minigames) 3: Power mode = power goes down fast and you have to run to the power generator to reload your power to max and hide from the animatronics)
- Cheats for fun (infinite power, invisibility, invincibility,etc)
- Map rotation: (0°, 180° only)

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