Buried Treasure

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Spend some time on the beach looking for Buried Treasure!

Use the mouse to sweep your metal detector back and forth until you see a signal on the Detecto-Meter. Fine-tune the location until the signal is strongest, then click your mouse (or press Space) to see what you have found!

The Detecto-Meter also puts out a tone that gets louder with signal strength. You can turn this off by clicking the Sound button on the meter.

The Review button on the meter will show you all the items you have found, good and bad!

If you are having trouble locating an item, watch for birds, sometimes they can be helpful!

This is dedicated to my dad, who always belived that there was hidden treasure everywhere. We spent a lot of time sweeping with metal detectors. Never found very much of value but had a lot of fun.

In reality, the ratio of garbage to treasure is more like 100 to 1. In this game, I have made it significantly easier. Have fun and happy hunting!

Technical Notes: This project uses a 52 element array to keep track of the items found so they can be reviewed. I also implemented 5 element buffers on both the good and bad items so that the user won't get the same item within the last 5 discoveries of each type.

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