Scratch Emulator v0.21.1

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★★★ Scratch in Scratch - (Work In Progress) ★★★

CLICK THE GREEN FLAG AGAIN TO RUN THE PROJECT 'IN' THE PROJECT :) - Click it again again to stop it.

Who can create the most awesome project in this Scratch Emulator? Today's featured project is an idea i'm proposing for Scratch 3... although of course it doesn't have to be done like this, but it's one possible way to draw a polygon & text

Remix it, create a script in the project and then save the remix to keep your script in place or save them here: - I can then check out your projects to see how things are going! In time I might start including example projects for people to see.

━ How to use ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━

★ Create Scripts to dragging blocks off the side panel
★ Rename variables by clicking on them
★ Delete blocks by dragging them onto the side panel
★ Scroll up and down using the arrow keys or mouse scroll wheel
★ Left & Right arrow keys to scroll left and right
★ Duplicate a block stack by holding down alt before dragging.
★ RUN THE PROJECT by clicking the green flag again, or clicking the green flag hat block of your script.

━ What works? ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━

A lot of blocks have now been implemented in the runtime. Any block you see in the palette should work (I've removed the ones that don't for now). Loops & broadcasts are implemented including ones that wait on other events occurring before proceeding. I've built in looping execution lock up prevention and you will find that you are able to use instructions like ask or wait even within an execution block that is set to run without refresh - yay :). You will note I've added a block that doesn't exist in Scratch, the run without screen refresh block. This block to fill the gap left by not having implemented custom blocks at present.

━ Why do this??? ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━

So, why do this? I guess "because we can!". Wasn't that the excuse for going to the moon after all? I'm not sure if this will be useful, but I can already think of a few ideas - Can you? (If you do then let me know!) This is still early days for the project as it was only started on the 8th June, but you can already do far more than I was originally aiming for. It was going to be a simple block layout project, but I've already extended build scripts and now even run them! Crazy :)

━ Update Log ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━

27 Jun 2016 - v0.21.1 - Another new block in pen to write text to the canvas - Another one I'd love to see in Scratch 3 :) + Left & Right arrow keys to scroll left & right.
25 Jun 2016 - v0.20.0 - Added a new block that I would really want in Scratch 3 - The pen up and fill block to draw polygons. I've used @TheLogFather's triangle drawer and I support up to 4 sides convex shapes only.
24 Jun 2016 - v0.19.1 - Fix threading to allow all to run at least once
24 Jun 2016 - v0.19.0 - Added example projects to the 'load' option.
23 Jun 2016 - v0.18.0 - Added wait until <> block.
23 Jun 2016 - v0.17.0 - Rebalanced thread timings to account for active/inactive threads. Improved var, list & event picklist setup. Added list reporter.
22 Jun 2016 - v0.16.1 - New / Save / Load features.
21 Jun 2016 - v0.15.1 - Tidied sidebar palette (corrected order) scroll wheel now also scrolls the sidebar palette.
20 Jun 2016 - v0.14.3 - Implemented dirty region clip rendering for faster dragging, plus correct pick lists at last (That was tricky!)
17 Jun 2016 - v0.13.0 - 'run without screen refresh' block.
16 Jun 2016 - v0.12.0 - Added broadcasts, plus sensing blocks
16 Jun 2016 - v0.11.2 - Fixed bug in repeat until
16 Jun 2016 - v0.11.0 - Added support for lists
15 Jun 2016 - v0.10.0 - Implemented thread yielding.
15 Jun 2016 - v0.9.2 - Implemented move motion blocks & pen.
14 Jun 2016 - v0.9 - Use the scroll wheel or up down cursor keys to scroll. Hold down alt while dragging a block to duplicate stack...
14 Jun 2016 - v0.8 - Fixed corruption when dragging + new blocks
13 Jun 2016 - v0.7 - Added a small amount of execution support.
12 Jun 2016 - v0.5 - Added block schema and sidebar palette
10 Jun 2016 - v0.4 - Added mouse drag and drop
9 Jun 2016 - v0.2 - Added Nested IF block and <> characters
9 Jun 2016 - v0.1 - Initial Taster Release

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