Space Shooter

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Controls are in the game. SAVE+LOAD available in options menu.
When you hit 'Space' on the Shop screen, it will start a new wave. During the game, you move left and right, while shooting the enemies. These Enemies drop coins, that you need to pick up in order to buy upgrades for your ship. The higher the wave you are in, the more difficult the enemies are, and the more money they drop.

Red Box - Cannot afford upgrade
Light Grey Box - Able to buy upgrade
Dark and Crossed Out Box - Maxed out upgrade
Barred-Out Box - Not yet available, upgrade ship to obtain.

Save - Saves all progress you've made in your game. Copy the code and save it in a document (like notepad) to use later.
Load - Loads the code that you got when saving. This restores all data from that game.
Music - Toggles music on and off.
Sound - Toggles sounds on and off.

Notes and Credits

---Shared on July 11, 2013---

.::BOSS STRATEGY::. .::Spawns every 10 rounds::.
- Boss ships have very large amounts of HP, and take a while to destroy. The Health bar goes down every 1/8 of his total health, so it may not look like you're doing damage, but you are.
- After killing him, he will drop lots of coins for you to collect!
.::SPECIAL ABILITY::. .::Starts happening at the 5th boss::.
- Every so often, you can see him charging up a dark blob of energy. Don't let this get to the bottom of the screen! If it does, it will completely replenish his health, causing you to practically start the fight over. To destroy this blob, either shoot it with your bullets (requires very good aiming) or use a bomb to destroy it.

- Chaoz Airflow- by Paragonx9
- The Kriotube (shortened)- by Dimrain47
- Duality- by Dimrain47
- Buzztone Symphony - by Dimrain47

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