Goofy Cylinder

See inside

Press the following keys while the cylinder is rotating:
S - Size change
I - Invert picture
C - Colours change
R - Reverse spin direction
B - Backside of cylinder change
D - Default settings
Inside the program is an explanation how it all works!
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Notes and Credits

I designed and wrote the code to create the cylinder and put the scanned Goofy picture onto the spinning cylinder myself.

I got the idea of scanning a Picture pixel by pixel into lists, and then redrawing the Picture pixel by pixel from these lists from "Cool Pen Thing" by flamingtest and used code from "RGB Color Detector" by DadofMrLog to return the RGB colour values of single pixels.
I scanned the Goofy picture using the scanner in my project "Goofy Pictures - Scan, Filter, Draw".

I originally learned how to draw a picture in rainbow colours from "Rainbow Screen" by -BluHead-

The code to extract RGB components from a colour comes from Color Intensifier by PullJosh.
The Grayscale code comes from Grayscale Cowboy by BookOwl, a remix from Color Intensifier by PullJosh, although I used different luminosity (brightness) values for rgb from Wikipedia to generate my grays.

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