The Graphing Calculator (Improved!)

by 1_618
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If you have no idea what a graphing calculator is:

If you don't know what algebra is:

That should answer most of the questions on what this is.

Oh yeah, please DO NOT ADVERTISE. It will get reported.
New and improved!

A few improved things:
~better UI (user interface)
~faster graphing
~more equation options

~6 graphable equations
~easy number input
~solutions to equation (x-intercept(s), y-intercepts, slopes, vertex, etc)
~the visual graph of the equation
~fast and quick graphing
~a -240<x<240 by -180<y<180 grid (grid extends side to side 240 units and up and down 180 units.).

How to use:

-Select the equation you would like to graph:
-Then, follow the instructions to input the coefficients.
-It will then graph and tell you the import information about the graph.

Useful for homework! More instructions inside.

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Previous (much worse) version:

Text engine:

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