2D Minecraft Game

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To start, click on one of the three worlds and then click on "Play Selected World". "Reset Selected World" resets everything in that world.
Use A and D to move left and right
Use W and S to move up and down (Creative mode only)
Use E to shoot the bow (when selected)
Use 1,2,3,4, and 5 keys to switch between Pickaxe, Bow, Block tool, Bucket, and Sword
Click on mobs (moving things) to hit them (when sword is selected)
When the block tool is selected, move the cursor to the desired location and click on it to place a block.
Click on a (green) block when the pickaxe is selected to mine it out.
Use the bucket to pick up and place water and lava (to place, click on the background, not blocks)
The tree, chickens, or gravel provides 1 of 3 resources needed to make arrows (done automatically) (Use the sword on the chickens (be sure you are close enough!), the pickaxe on the gravel, and anything on the tree.)
Have Fun!

Notes and Credits

All-New 2D Minecraft game with saving in up to three worlds. Includes mobs, blocks that can be mined and placed, and more! Also includes plugins to make the game different. You can switch difficulty and game mode (creative or survival.) This game was glitch-free the last time it was tested.

**NOTE: This project was made in Scratch 1.4 and may be slightly laggy or inefficient.**

When remixing this game, please remove "Authentic version" from the title screen.

Thank You.

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