Dance Party

See inside

1. Click on the green flag on the left to view how the dance party animation works.

2. Click “see inside” button to enter the Scratch programming area.

3. In the upper-right corner, click remix. This makes a copy in your account.

4. View the following video on how to move a sprite.

5. Remix the program by changing how Cassie and the Dinosaur dance. Include one or more additional sprites too. Consider using several of the "Motion" or "Looks" blocks in your remix.

6. Consider changing the music and / or background. To change the music, click on the background icon in the lower-left corner and change the purple play sound block in the code/scripting area. Change “Girl Like You” to “record” with the drop down and then use the icons to select music from the Scratch library or upload your own sound file.

7. When you have completed the remix, click on “project page” in the upper right hand corner. Write a message on the project page to tell us about your new and improved dance party, and your experience with coding.

8. Click share, and copy the URL of your animation and send it to the MakerState email address you received. Tell us your name, your grade, and which school you go to.

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