Deep Space Modulons v. 2.0

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The year: 4910. The place: the middle of deep space somewhere. Colonies on a Keplan exoplanet are thriving, but interstellar unrest is brewing. Major leaders of Colony Kepler are pushing for a separate political entity, and Earth is unwilling to relinquish colonial control. War is brewing…

Okay, so this isn't actually an MMORPG, and there are no other starships. But you can build your own starship, fly around, and shoot lasers! That counts for something, right? Here's how to play:
PLAYER: Use the WASD to fly your starship. Hold down the mouse to fire blasters and turrets.

EDITOR: Select a piece with "Q" and "E", rotate the piece with "A" and "D", and click to place the piece. Press "W" to switch right to the delete tool.

To save a starship:
- While in editor, click the save button.
- Copy the save code from the list.
- Paste the code into my forum thread if you want to share it or into a text file if you don't.
- Press "O" to go back into the editor and you're done!

To load a starship:
- Click the load button (the one with the folder icon).
- Paste your save code in, hit "enter" and you're done!

Notes and Credits

Share your designs here!

The old version of DSM:

Credit to:
- @dragon-master (for maybe 50% of the heavy programming)
- @MrLog (for the soundtrack)
- @FaceOs (for the laserfire sound effect)
Known bugs:

- Turrets "flicker" when fired.

- Turrets fire through your starship.

- The editor gets laggy sometimes; it's not a big problem, just annoying.

- You can do all kinds of crazy things with the editor you shouldn't be able to do: build a starship entirely out of thrusters, place thrusters that move the starship sideways, that kind of thing.

Please tell me if you notice any bugs I haven't mentioned; I want to make the game experience as smooth as possible.
v. 2.0: I've made some major changes to the editor. Now, the color of your Modulons is determined by your faction choice. I've also fixed some minor glitches with the player.

v. 1.9: Turrets!

v. 1.8: The new version of DSM is now open to all! I've finished getting everything back to its original state, including the save codes-- yay! The old save codes won't load now, but I still have an old version for that.

v. 1.7: Made massive changes to the variety of costumes; you now have the choice of three different colors of Modulon! I'm still returning functionality to the game itself, but I'm getting closer.

v. 1.6: Updated the editor with a better display, and made a bunch of other little changes.

v. 1.5: Text file saving! YES!

v. 1.4: There's a zoom function now, which make giant starships easier to make.

- v. 1.3: Lasers! Only the front-mounted single laser cannons work, but it's a start!

- v. 1.2: Added a trig-based scrolling engine with the substantial
help of dragon-master so you can play with your designs.

- v. 1.1: Set up a clone-based editor with list saving.

- v. 1.0: Shared project as a simple sprite-based editor.

The art for this game was made in Piskel, a free online pixel editor. Here's my public gallery if you're interested:

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