4-string guitar, for MaKey MaKey

See inside

Up: 1st string
Down: 2nd string
Right: 3rd string
Left: 4th string
Space: Select a style of guitar
W, A & S: Drums

Try combinations of up, down, left and right!

Works great with keyboard, but better with a MaKey MaKey. We used a long strip of cardboard as a guitar neck. We then put four strips of copper tape along the face of the neck as strings, and one strip of copper tape along the back of the neck as ground. Finally, we wired to the MK, and voilà!

Notes and Credits

My kids helped me with this project. We are not sure if this is supposed to be an out-of-tune bass ukulele or some other oddity against nature or what. All we know is it makes sound and can be fun to play with.

There are currently 143 guitar skins to choose from, each randomly available in a variety of color and brightness! Images are from photos we took, Apophysis, Sterling2, UltraFractal, paintings we did, sketches we made, and images of ours that have been created or further edited in Scratch, Paint, or GIMP.

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