(v0.2) Undertale Sans/Trump Battle (DEMO)

by kkaw
See inside

Arrow keys - move; Z - select; X - Cancel
If start buttons do not work correctly, double click the green flag.
This project is a demo. The full release of this project will be out soon!
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Thanks for your support, loves, and favorites!
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Notes and Credits

Due to popular demand, I've released this demo, which covers just under half the battle! Good luck!
If you discover any bugs, glitches, or have any feedback feel free to leave a comment! (Self adverts or adverts about one's own projects will be removed on sight.)
If you are lagging, apologies- it might be your computer. My recommendation is not to look inside the code while the program is running.
Coding done by me.
Mrbysco (Youtube) - "UnderTrump: MegaTrumpVania" song
Blash (Youtube) - "Thomas the Tank ft Donald Trump" song
Toby Fox - Everything that can be sourced to Undertale

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