Elemental Shift: Downfall

See inside

Use the arrow keys to move. Press space to fire your weapon and interact with some elements to get to the door.

Elemental Shift: Downfall v2.4
Patch 0.4

Notes and Credits

Some notes: Glitches may occur!!

On level 6, with the submarine, get that first before the box.


It was just an ordinary day in the world, the sun was shining, everything was peaceful. Then, without a moments notice, the weather went completely out of Nature's hand. Hurricanes, firestorms, tornados just to name a few, were ransacking the entire World! The dreadful news eventually reached the government: The Elemental Orbs had been stolen!

These things keep the balance of Nature as long as they are in their altars. They had been guarded tightly, and how the Orbs had been stolen is a mystery. But that was to worry about later. They had a World Crisis on their hands!

The government could turn to one man. His name is Doplex.

Doplex, a developer, explorer, inventor, and anything to do with tech, was also trained in the highest degree of spies. Due to his many years and rivalry of one peron in particular, his top suspicion resides in Zox, an enemy fortress.

Now the rest is up to Doplex to acquire all four Orbs and resolve this terrible catastrophe.

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