Journey - A Pen Platformer

See inside

Use arrow keys / WASD to move. Follow the signs. But most importantly: DON'T DIE.
Add your time in the comments! Just be sure to specify if you skipped and what mode you used.

This is VERY HARD. Use easy version unless you are very good at platformers!

THIS GAME WILL LAG AND GLITCH! Low lag mode is toggled by the L key. Smoke (Only level 4) is toggled by the S key. If anyone can fix some glitches, I will give them credit and depending on how big the glitch they fix is, they might be in the project!

Press X to skip a level.
Press L to toggle low lag mode.
Press S to toggle smoke.
Press M to toggle mute.
If the smoke disappears, press S twice.
Note: Low lag replaces the pen-drawn background with a screenshot of it.

Most Wanted Glitches:
1. Spontaneous Dying in Level 4
2. Spontaneous Dying in Other Levels (Falling Through Blocks)
3. Lack of Slope Detection

Notes and Credits


Story: You have one mission: to get to the "You Win" Screen. Here's why: Why not?

This game is 100% pen, except for the following:

-The thumbnail
-The character
-The pink fade
-The text at the very beginning
-The backgrounds in low lag mode
-The smoke in the fourth level
-The enemy in the fourth level

My record is 236 seconds on normal mode.

All credits go to me, except for a lag fix by @kaemar and the songs:

Glorious Morning - Waterflame

Traverse the Caves - Fanopelon

Secluded Kingdom - MrNightVarga

H*ll's Inferno - NexhasUnleashed

|-\Victory/-| - O-Prime125

The platforming engine is from my other account: @evanjory


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-kaemar suggested a way to reduce lag, which worked A LOT, 2500 views, 200 loves, 150 favorites on June 19, 2016
-Sheep_maker suggested a way to reduce lag, which worked, 2000 views, 150 loves, what the community is loving on June 18, 2016
-Curated by @Glitter15, 1000 views, 100 loves, 100 favorites on June 17, 2016
-200 views on June 9, 2016
-100 views on June 4, 2016
-Easy mode and time added on June 3, 2016
-Released on June 2, 2016

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