Color Game, for MaKey MaKey

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A: blue team
S: green team
F: red team
G: yellow team
Space: start

This is a game to be used with the MaKey MaKey in a large group.


Make several one-button controllers. This can be done with your group as a separate activity.

You will need four groups of controllers that are all wired together and then to the MaKey MaKey. One group each for the keyboard signals A (blue), S (green), F (red), and G (yellow).

The goal of this game is for each team to repeatedly press their buttons only while their color or a word associated with their color is displayed on the screen. Teams get 4 points each time a team member correctly presses their button and -5 points whenever the button is pressed when nothing is displayed, when another color is displayed, or when nonsense is displayed.

This can quickly add up to very high scores or very large deficits.

This game can be used with a keyboard instead.

Notes and Credits

Uses sounds from Scratch 1.4.

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