Text To Speech Engine [0.2r7]

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Text to speech engine in scratch

Simply type what you want to be converted into speech.
This project aims to be powerful enough to be useful in other scratch projects. It's a work in progress.

Let me know what you think :)

A few words are perfect, many are intelligible, if a word sounds totally wrong let me know and I'll add fixes for it (eventually).

---------------------- How it works
This thing matches the most complex sounds it has to each word, reducing complexity back to individual letters as needed. The algorithm is very unconventional for a TTS engine, and it's also fairly basic. There are plenty of optimizations that would make it more accurate (which I will work on, eventually).

---------------------- Limitations
No support for punctuation yet (. / , ( ) { } - & ! ', -dn't etc)
Preliminary support for numbers (ex: 700 must be entered as 7 hundred)
Currently more bloated than necessary (relies on a large sound bank, and no pattern rules added yet - only exceptions)

---------------------- Release Notes
2017-11m-02d - v0.2r7 - patch specific words from comments (improves 8)
2016-05m-10d - v0.2 - added more pronunciations, revised word splitting, added exceptions capability (improves 40+ words)
2016-05m-09d - v0.1 - Initial release

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