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★★★ Back Online (22 Sep 2017) - I've throttled the data rate back to try to get this project to be compatible with the new Scratch Cloud Data thresholds... Let's see how this goes :) - Please give me feedback whether it's playable and still fun! ★★★

★ Scratch Update - The Scratch Team has notified us that they have fixed a long standing issue with cloud data that resulted in everyone being disconnected at the same time from a project. I know this happens a lot in this game so I'm really hoping it might make things a lot better! Let me know if it still occurs please or if things seem more stable :) - Thanks.

Here's my best attempt at a Multiplayer game. You can only be killed by the snakes as 'you' see them, but be aware that due to network lag other snakes may appear to not be killed by you because on their screens they may be just a little ahead of where you see them.

★ Control your snake with the mouse.
★ Collect the food to grow longer.
★ Don't run into other snakes!
★ Click or Space to dash (if you have eaten enough)

Press 'L' to toggle lag mode (turns off all the effects)
Press 'N' to toggle player names (helps reduce lag too)

★★★ You got disconnect???t ★★★
Yep you are not alone (well you are now, but...), this is common and in fact happens with very regularly. Every game pretty much end this way in fact! I find it takes between 15 and 30 mins before the scratch cloud server gives up and disconnects everyone. When this happens you need to reload the project to get the cloud server to reconnect.
(If you get a message that letters are not allowed in cloud variables, could you let me know when and where in the project you were?)

★★★ Credit ★★★
All credit to for the original game... Also credit to @theChAOTiC for the basis of the font engine that I remixed.

★★★ Change Log ★★★
22 Sep 2017 - v1.8 - Throttled Cloud Data send rate to try to get this working within the new cloud data limits.
26 May 2016 - v1.7b - Optimising multiplayer code - trying to fix a weird bug about only numbers being allowed...
25 May 2016 - v1.7 - Big changes - More zoomed out, snake drawing re-scripted for less lag, collision rush bug fixed.
24 May 2016 - v1.6 - Collisions now based on 'crossing' snakes, food is sucked into mouth, dash is gradual and last longer, food is different sizes.
20 May 2016 - v1.5 - Updated multiplayer join code to reduce lag as the games attempts to connect. Added runtime checks for whether other players can see you to automatically disconnect if there you have been disconnected by the scratch cloud server.
17 May 2016 - v1.4 - Slightly larger playing area, sharper turning & prevent spawn on top of other snakes.
16 May 2016 - v1.3b - Added lowercase letters to name tags
16 May 2016 - v1.3 - Added a minimap so you know where you are
14 May 2016 - v1.2b - Fixed missing snake on painting skin screen
13 May 2016 - v1.2 - Added some preset skins
13 May 2016 - v1.1 - Added Player Names and 'N' to toggle
11 May 2016 - v1.0 - Front Menu + Custom Snake Skins + Fixes
8 May 2016 - v0.4 - Longer snakes now turn slower.
7 May 2016 - v0.3 - Borders, die on edge, but no drop of food!!!
7 May 2016 - v0.2b - Repaired cloud variables 10-16 - Need everyone to disconnect for it to start working properly! That could take a while!
6 May 2016 - v0.2 - Improved Handling
6 May 2016 - v0.1 - Initial Release

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