Neural Network Racers

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AI via Neuronal Networks. NOT A GAME.

Click the green Flag and enter "Y" for a new population. Watch them become better and better. If they stop progressing ("Average" stays the same for multiple generations), you might want to start over, since some populations will never master the track.
Other controls:
left: clear heat map
s: stop (all below need stop first)
d: run demo with the 20 best racers so far
t: train
c: create new track. If you create too sharp bends, the racers wont be able to master the track.

The Cars don't know anything about the Track and its waypoints. All they can "see" is how much "white" is directly in font of them and in +45/-45 direction. They also know their speed. With 10 Neurons they decide on whether to accelerate or to brake and whether to steer left or right (4+1 input, 9+1 hidden, 2 output).

EDIT: Track Editor should now work.

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