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Warrior name: creamfur
Age: 9 moons
Clan: WindClan
Bio: she wears her mother's collar; she was a kittypet before she joined the Clans. she was ashamed to be a kittypet so she hid her collar under a rock. the clans accepted her as a loner. when she had kits, she showed them where she had hid the collar. when creamfur's mother died, being the first-born, she went and dug up the collar from under the rock and wore it to commemmorate her mother. now everyone knows the mother's story of being a kittypet.
her mother's last-born kit, graykit, died of greencough within his third moon. now only creamfur, her father stripetail, and milkheart, her sister, remain alive.

WOW that was a kinda long storeyy>

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