boss Rush

See inside

before release alpha 1.0

-added Boss
-added turret

release Beta 1.0!

-added boss health counter

type your name then answer the quiz hit o key

-press mouse to shoot a shot from your cannon

beta 1.1

-significantly reduced health

-start and shop button(shop Does nothing)

-Renamed Boss Boss1

beta 1.2

-removed shop button (did nothing)

-reduced boss health

-added a second cannon

-Renamed Boss1 CyberLord
beta 1.2.1

Added new music
-added 5 new sounds (unimplemented)

Beta 1.2.2

-time lord
-time machine music implemented(to Time lord)
-Time God
Beta 1.2.3
-hexagon force music implemented(frost queen Maybe)
frost Queen
Beta 1.2.4
Mecha(unkillible For Now Still In Testing Phase)
remix blast
Beta 1.2.4
-removed mecha (Errors Happend)
-removed Ice Queen (didn't fit well and required a lot of work)
Beta 1.2.5
-Announced Final Words For Projects Fate:
-Make Completeable
-make use for rotting tissue(maybe probably just gonna be a memento)
-Add Final Boss
-Create New Version Of Game With Better Work, Programming, And More.
-in the mean time, i am working on finishing Necromancer, it may or may not me private still working on bugs and other stuff.
-mecha may be re-added as final boss if it works out.
-ice queen may be re-added as final boss if all works out
-farewell for once the next update is up there will be nothing added...

Notes and Credits

images and my creativity and some help from my friend cooltile923

-Time Machine
-Blast (remix)(removed)
(unimplemented songs) This game is dead
-Theory Of Everything
-Dry Out

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