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*** Latest Update --> Golden Swords & a Splash Screen But the Zombies are hidden in caves ***

0-9 - Change Block Type
Click - Mine or Place block
WASD - Walk/Swim Left, right, up and down
E - Open Inventory, or a chest/crafting table/furnace if the
cursor is over one when pressed. E again to close.
Space - Drop a single tile from a stack while dragging
or pick up a single block if held when mouse clicked.

Apologies to those who think there's too much minecraft in the world. It just happens to be a rather useful example to tiled gameplay taken to the max. So there you go.

*** History ***

So what started out as a little break from Scratchnapped to test a new approach I'd thought of to tiled scrolling has now swelled in to another hefty project, which I have to say I am enjoying immensely, a 2D Minecraft Clone! To achieve the scrolling, unlike in scratchnapped, I create a grid of sprites (whether the tile has something there or not), and as the sprites move off one side of the screen I swap their costumes and move them to the opposite side... It's probably the fastest way of moving an entire screen of tiles that I have found thus far... How do you find it?

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