Burger Warlords

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Mouse controlled. Select options by well... clicking on them.


Any person familiar with a "Turn Based RPG" should understand this game right off the bat. Otherwise, here's a mini tutorial:

When you're in a battle, you have 3 main options to select.

The "Kick Butt" menu shows your melee attack options.

The shield option enters you in a state of defense, the next attack that hits you will do less damage, you may even completely block an attack.

The "Magic" menu shows your magic attack options.

The numbers above Mr. Cat, labeled HP and MP define your health points and your magic points. HP (health points) shows how close to death you are, 0 being dead(when you die, you lose!). MP (magic points) are a limited resource you have during battle that you can spend on using certain abilities(the # beside an ability in the menus shows how much MP the skill uses).

So yeah... the goal of the game is to defeat your enemies. Have at it now :)

Notes and Credits

Please love it to make BW famous and to keep updates coming!

5/31/14 - I may update this game to a completely working state, but as of now, as few other highschoolers and I are using GameMaker Studio to work on a project we plan to greenlight on Steam! I will update again to put down our game's name, but as of now, all we have is our dev name: Vox Vivae Games.

12/17/13 - Yes, I am still working on this, It isn't dead. Finished XP system, but shops are still not complete :( It's prep school's fault.

This is the alpha (far from unfinished) version of my game Burger Warlords. Took me forever to make it, so just enjoy it. I'm planning countless updates so just stay posted. Lemme know in the comments whatcha think of this soon-to-be epic turn based battle rpg.

"Battle Song Loop"

Megaman 2
"Menu Theme"

The Legend of Zelda
"File Select"
"Clock Town's Theme"

Chrono Trigger
"Lavos' Theme"

Final Fantasy VII
"Victory Fanfare"

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