★l'il Kids!★

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★l'il Kids!★
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Also, We have some new characters, Chloe and james who were playing little siblings in the video! If you would want more video's with them in it, Then please,please like and fav! I really enjoyed making this video!

Oh yea, I also put the caillou music back on so if ya don't like it then I suggest you should block your ears as soon as you see an outro like thang coming up...=| (or just click 'stop' ,That's another suggestion) :P

Notes and Credits

Artwork+Scripting by me!
Shoutouts!: @CookiesCrumble , @angelapow8374, @FlowingCurrent ,
@AnonymousTV, @BOLTIGO, @Gluten-Free, @kiddy889
Wanna shoutout in next's week's video? Comment down below if your siblings ever annoy you and explain.

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