Bunny Escape!

See inside

Thanks to @Digimath, everything should appear in the right order when you press the green flag just once. Please go check out his projects!

Click on the bunny to start the game!

The flowers, grass, and light grey rocks are not obstacles. You don't need to jump over them.

When Fluff tells you how to jump, please jump!

Comment any glitches or problems you have with the game. I'll try to fix them as soon as possible.

Maybe you could leave a love or a fav at some of my other projects...and maybe you could leave a follow at my profile to push me on my way to the sequel. :)

Notes and Credits

Curated by @pinkowlawesome on August 12th! Thank you!

AHHHH!! Top-loved 8-13-16!! Thank you all so much! (Now I'm gonna have to make a sequel...)

I'm currently drowning in comments, so I can't always reply to them all. But I read them all, and really love the great compliments. :)

Intro font by @FontGod

Music credits go to whoever made this music.
The music is Waterflame - Swirl (Chiptune Remix)

I've been "secretly" working on this for more than two months now. It took a lot of work, things would never show up the way they were supposed to!

In case you were curious, Fluff is an ENFP, or, Sanguine-Phlegmatic. :)

I'm working on adding a skip intro button. The scratchers have spoken, and it should make gameplay a bit easier. :)

All other additions will be added in the sequel, such as better physics, and easier gameplay.

Please only use the reward if you actually won the game. Also, please give credit when you use it. I worked very hard on the art!


* When a really slow rock is coming up, don't jump over it until the last possible moment. It's easy to touch just the top of it, or a corner of it.

* If a crystal and a rock both come up together, don't risk crashing just to get it! Gauge whether you want to risk losing a heart by first checking how many hearts you have, and seeing if it's a point crystal, (yellow) or a power-up crystal (green, blue, purple, pink).

* When Fluff is talking to you, don't forget that rocks will still come your way! Reading while riding is never a good idea.

* Want to know how I made the game? I made a few comments inside the code to show you how it works, but most of it is self-explanatory.

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