Paper Minecraft v9.7.c (2D Minecraft)

remixed by thaepicguys
See inside

E- Inventory SPACE- Place block when crafting
WASD - Move around W/SPACE- Jump
Left Click- Mining and Puunching

*** latest Update --> Bug fixes l Herobrine hidden in caves and generate strongholds new background can make gold blocks now haves creative mode it may be hard to go to the block inventory : \ ZOMBIES and end portals in the strong holds emeralds. creepers might spawn at night about a 2% chance. Sorry I have been gone so long my computer was offline. My favorite thing I added RUBIES. I'm sorry if you cant find any rubies they don't generate they really rare and can be found near bedrock. Mob spawners VERY RARE CHANCE THAT YOU WILL FIND ONE ***

*** Keys

B - Creative mode
Space - Survaival mode
0-9 - Change Block Type
Click - Mine or Place block
WASD or Cursor keys - Walk/Swim Left, right, up and down
E - Open Inventory, or a chest/crafting table/furnace if the cursor is over one when pressed. E again to close.
Space - drop a single tile from a stack while dragging or pick up a single block if held when mouse clicked.

Apologies to those who think there's too much minecraft in the world. It just happens to be a rather useful example to tiled gameplay taken to the max. So there you go.

*** History ***

So what started out as a little break from Scratchnapped to test a new approach I'd thought of to tiled scrolling has now swelled in to another hefty project, which I have to say I am enjoying immensely, a 2D Minecraft Clone! To achieve the scrolling, unlike in scratchnapped, I create a grid of sprites (whether the tile has something there or not), and as the sprites move off one side of the screen I swap their costumes and move them to the opposite side... It's probably the fastest way of moving an entire screen of tiles that I have found thus far... How do you find it?

Notes and Credits (added by thaepicguys)

thanks go's to griffpatch

Added Zombies to generator added creative mode the ender dragon has added to the End and emeralds 200,000 thousand veiws thanks so much guys! This game will work on more simpler/older computers.

in creative mode there will be more ores and trees

thanks to griffpatch

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