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This is a small collection of abstract photographs that I have taken for my college photography courses. I take photographs extremely rarely, but when I do, I make sure that they are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also that they imply something deeper. The meanings of these photographs are not necessarily very clear, so please feel free to make your own personal interpretations. All of these photographs have been heavily edited in Photoshop to give them each a specific feel and make them more distinct. Please click the green flag at least twice before viewing. Use the right and left arrow keys to view the photographs. The project has been designed like a museum wall showcasing the photographs, so please take your time.

This photograph was created to embody the theme of eeriness. It evolved into the concept of a monster kidnapping the viewer and driving them to an unknown location. I took this picture from the backseat of my car. I felt pretty crazy setting the camera on a 30-second timer, then quickly putting a monster mask on and getting myself in position to get the ideal shot. There were a few times that cars drove by me while I was wearing the mask, so I probably freaked them out a little. The things we do for art.

If you do not understand the title of this photograph, it is a pun on the word "joyride," but with "fried" instead because the egg is the driver. I wanted to give this picture a serene, picturesque feel. The classic car and the fedora worn by the driver gives this photograph a vintage feel. The egg who is sitting in the car adds some brightness and purity to the image.

"The Rush"
This photograph contains two of my favorite things in the world: cars and tea. The aim of this picture was to showcase my personal style. By looking at my Scratch projects, most of you probably know my artistic style quite well. I love the idea of heavily contrasted monochrome backgrounds with just a splash of vibrant color. This photograph certainly exemplifies that.

This photograph was extremely difficult to capture, and it was even more challenging to edit. The original picture was taken by placing rubber monster claws underneath this child's bed. The monster claws that I used were actually both left hands (the manufacturer must have made a mistake), so I had to angle the hand in the background in a way that made the thumb less obvious. The lighting was terrible in the original shot because I needed the room light on, so I had to replace almost all the colors with varying shades of blue while editing it to give the appearance of nighttime.

"Mount Paradox"
No, I'm afraid this mountain does not actually exist. This is a photo composition made up of four individual photographs that have been edited and combined into a single image. The two halves of the mountain are both shots of a neat gem paperweight. The upside-down airplanes are toys. The background is simply an edited shot of the sky. The final photograph was heavily contrasted and turned black-and-white to create a perplexing dream-like mood that makes the viewer question their perspective.

"Escape" (Parts 1-3)
This photo series tells the story of a wooden model who escapes the bleak office he is kept in an travels to the outside world on a paper airplane. It is only made up of three photographs, but the goal was to infuse maximum impact into them. The series begins entirely in black-and-white, then transitions into partial color, and ends in a full-color picture. The vibrancy of the outside world contrasts sharply with the dark colorlessness of the shelf he was on.

"The Spaceman" (Parts 1-5)
This photo series is similar in premise to "Escape," but its ending is quite different. It tells the story of an old and forgotten Lego astronaut who climbs out of his toybox, explores around the house, then finds his way outside through a sliding glass door. He sits meditatively on a porch outside, then a flower blows next to him, which he takes a liking to. He brings the flower back with him to the toybox, looking down sorrowfully at it. "Escape" ends triumphantly with the figurine successfully fleeing his bleak prison. However, in "The Spaceman," the astronaut must return to his forgotten existence in the darkness of the toybox. He keeps a flower with him as a reminder of his one journey outside. This photo series began with the idea of the Lego spaceman trying to fly off of a balcony, but landing on the ground instead and being reduced to pieces. However, I decided to make the series end a bit more positively.

I truly hope you enjoy looking through these photographs. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment.

I really appreciate the support I am offered by my viewers. If you enjoyed the project, please love it, and feel free to provide feedback.

The music is "Not Today" by Twenty One Pilots. All rights reserved to its owners.

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