Undertale Multiplayer Battle: Chara vs Sans

remixed by Count_Blumiere
See inside

WASD to control Sans
ARROW KEYS to control Chara
Use the cursor to attack or use item.
To make it fair, both of their HP is 20.

Notes and Credits (added by Count_Blumiere)

Credits go to THELAZYGAMER20
Thanks to enderscratch24 for helping with the glitches.
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Remember to ask permission to use the overworld sprites, background, etc.

Fixed the controls of the white and red heart.
Replaced Frisk with Chara
Added a Sans Silhouette
Fixed Chara's stripes to make it one
Changed Battle Sprite from Frisk to Chara
Fixed where you glitch out the box
Changed music to Megalovania
Fixed Chara's bangs
Changed Snowdin to Judgement Hall
Removed the snow
Made Chara's walking noise quieter
Made Chara's battle sprite blink
Made Chara's battle sprite's eye's turn red when attacking
Fixed Chara's eyes
Changed Chara's hair to look more like it.
Made Sans's soul upside-down.
Fixed problem where you can't battle.
Fixed glitch where Sans relieves no damage.
Made Chara's battle sprite no longer blink.
Fixed glitch where the red soul goes through the monster soul.
Fixed Glitch where background is black when the green flag is clicked.
Fixed collision with the red and white heart
Fixed glitch where Chara can't die
Added a sprite to Chara when uses ITEM
Added collision with Sans and Chara

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