GLaDOS Pixel Art (Portal)

See inside

YAAAAAAAAAY!!! I am so happy how this turned out!!!! :D :D
I would REALLY appreciate if you loved and favourited this, it took a lot of time and effort :D
GLaDOS, from the game Portal!
Please don't anyone say I didn't draw this, I am tired of telling people that I did draw this, and I didn't get it off the internet. If it appears in google images, then the picture is quite obviously from this project. And it is on a white background because I drew it in another program (Paint) not the Scratch editor. Anyone who tells me I haven't drawn this, I will report, because I'm tired of telling people over and over again, and people just aren't learning. And that goes for the rest of my projects now too.

Notes and Credits

Drawn in Paint.
Took me hours and hours to draw XD Loves and favourites are really appreciated :D

Curated 24/04/16! Thanks @jacko1234567! I can't thank you enough!
What the Community is Loving 25/04/16! :D

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