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A simulation/game that I whipped up over a couple days. Customize your own personal gun, or use some presets, to hit a moving target and get the highest streak.


Attachment guide:

Stocks - the bigger the stock, the more accuracy, but the smaller the stock, the faster the gun moves around.

Clips - certain clips have different sounds, different fire rates, and different damage levels.

Barrels - generally, the longer the barrel, the slower the fire rate, more damage is dealt, and the gun is more accurate.

Sights - the bigger the sight, (scopes vs. iron sights), the slower the fire rate and the more accurate the gun.

Suppressor - if the suppressor is on, the gun has a small amount less damage and more accuracy.

Underbarrel attachments -
Grenade launcher: absolutely nothing. Just for looks.
Laser sight: nothing, just helps you see where your gun is pointing. Useful with a sniper.
Sniper stand: reduces inaccuracy.
Grip: reduces inaccuracy less than the sniper stand, but the gun doesn't kick away from where you aimed it originally.

Notes and Credits

Used a lot of trigonometry for the underbarrel attachments and suppressor positions, and for figuring out the intercept of the bullet and the wall.

Press X to export and share your gun in the comments!

NOTE: I fixed the glitch that made it look wierd.

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