Poem Generator

See inside

Click the green flag. Hold space. Then release space.

Then you PRESS SPACE to generate a poem.
Repeat until satisfied.

Once satisfied, love + favorite. Then comment with your poem!

*WARNING* Some of these poems turn out a little dark..

Notes and Credits

100% me, @HappyLollipop. Curated?! OMGoodness :) Thanks!!

This is non-rhyming poetry. I know :-)

- 5 different poetry formats (one is selected randomly each time you press the green flag)
- Five categories (Title, Emotion, Color, State of Being, and Action) that are selected randomly when you press space
- Music is "Human" by Christina Perri
Don't know why I chose this song, it just seemed right at the time.

Enjoy this! I made it in like 20 minutes, which is a new best for me! Share your poems in the comments for a chance of appearing in my next project.

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