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In Jump, you play as a square who has to make it past the Land of Spikes, a vast, barren land with moving spikes that try to attack you.

Press the up arrow or space to jump. Avoid the spikes and stay alive!

Notes and Credits

★ Notes ★

● This is a simple game which is kind of like a remake of Geometry Dash, a popular app and game.
● The spikes spawn/are generated randomly, so I apologize for any circumstances where you die because of too many spikes next to each other.
● Please leave a love, favorite or follow if you enjoyed this game!


★ Credits ★

Coding ● @Aqualite
Graphics ● @Aqualite on Scratch Vector Editor
Inspiration ● @Ardicity's 'Skatin' Sensei'
Curation ● @Antonov-225 (21 November 2016)
Based on ● Geometry Dash
Playing this game ● You!


★ Bench Notes / Q+A ★

● Q: How long did it take you to make Jump?
 A: Approximately 45 minutes; it is a fairly simple game to code.
● Q: Why did you make this game?
 A: I wanted to create a simple, easy-to-play game for people who are not too advanced in gaming. There are no complicated rules or instructions, hence the simple name, Jump.
● Q: Who would you recommend this game to?
 A: It can be played by all ages!*

*Suggested Age Range: 5-90

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