Portal V.3.2

See inside

WASD=Forward, Back, Left, and Right
E=Pick up
R=Put Down
Q= Clear Portals
Z and X=Shoot Portals
For additional help and info on controls, please click the help button on the main menu of the game.

Notes and Credits

Updated Versions:
V.3.2 - Portal Gun Moves Smoother, Bug Fixes, Vector Graphics Improvements.
V.3.0 - Updated Vector Graphics, Bug Fixes.
V.2.5 - Added FPS Counter.
V.2.0 - Added Gameplay Mechanics.
V.1.1 - Minor Bug Fixes.
V.1.0 - Initial Release.

To put it simply, this demo took a LOT longer than planned, I finished this project 2 months after I started. I learned a lot about scripting along the way, but it took a lot of devotion and time to create what I wanted out of this 2D engine. And because it is a 2D engine and not a 3D one, I was restricted by almost everything, but I had a ton of fun making it. Please enjoy this fun playthrough, also please note that this demo has a ton of glitches. I will have many more games in the near future. I will be adding onto this one as the time passes too. I just need some time to work on it, and find glitches. So please, follow my projects and don't forget to rate and comment on this one.
Don't forget that the cake is a lie!!!

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