3D Platformer #2

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DON'T BERATE IF IT RUNS SLOWLY ON YOUR COMPUTER! >:-C USE THIS: http://phosphorus.github.io/app.html?id=105358902&turbo=false&full-screen=true/#scratch.mit.edu

I'm getting tired of comments like 'laggy', or 'slow', or anything. I could technically report, as it's not constructive, it's just rude. The fact that it's clearly stated makes it even worse.

EDIT: Reported all of those comments. Not just those, but also the rude ones that said I was a cyberbully.

M to mute.

This is an entry for @DancingDragonfly's contest. Check it out and enter! https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/103117355/

Music from Star Wars.
Uses my 3D engine.
I made the thumbnail, but I got lots of ideas from @Yllie's projects. (check out @Yllie, his coding and design is very unique)

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