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This project simulates evolution with health. The top variable is population, and the bottom variable is the health probability, or how long in seconds each dot will live, plus or minus three seconds. It doesn't completely work, and there can't be over 301 clones, sadly. I worked around by making it "stop all" at 301 so you can see the health probability. It sometimes gradually goes up, but also gradually goes down in some cases.

HOW IT WORKS: Those that have low health die before they can reproduce/clone, and those that have high health clone many times. Therefore, those with high health pass on genes.

NOTICE: After this got featured, people said it was natural selection. However, evolution works through natural selection, so that is why the title is so. I am not changing the title.

NOTICE 2: This was a quick test with clones to see if they could evolve as a group. I took it further and moved it to my main account. Feel free to expand upon this.

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