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*getting all emotional reading all your wonderful comments* Thank you so so much for your support. <3 <3

Meanwhile, back in Aurora... looks like this beautiful city has some ugly secrets.


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Length: 13 minutes
Assets: 558
Time taken to make: 7 months

Woah... This episode was quite the journey to make! And not just in the sense that it's the longest amount of time I've ever spent making a project. I've grown so much since starting with the Colour Divide trailer last year - and I've tried my best to apply what I've learned to making this episode! (The characters have proper feet now! Ikr, like, what?? They might even all have ears soon at this rate! *GASP* XD)
And this was the most difficult episode so far to make. I've learned from that, too. I changed the way I used to structure my episodes to use less assets - now, I have separate sprites for each character's mouth!

This was probably the most ambitious script I've ever made for an episode. There's so much subtlety and layers I wanted to show, and I've tried my best to pull that off. ^.^"

I'm really interested to hear your reactions to the characters: what do you think of Zora now? Do you think she should trust Drake? Did you pick up on the way the Carer at the orphanage was totally brainwashing the children?

This episode is the one that has moved the furthest away from the original role play. So hopefully, my four fellow original role play buddies, I have some surprises in the plot in store that you won't already know are coming. XD

In this episode, I've started to incorporate another role play thread that happened some time after the release of episode one, between @-LadyNightLore- and I. We were just rping for fun, like the many others in the Colour Divide RPG studio, but the story we created ended up fitting very well with the rest of the story of my episodes, and I decided to use it for the episodes' storyline! A special thanks to the wonderful @-LadyNightLore- for having so many (often late night) discussions with me, sorting out plot holes and character development! <3

Omg I just realised that at this rate of releasing episodes, I'll only be finished with the series in more than four years' time... O.O"

One of the big challenges I faced when making this, was hitting the data limit when I got to around 80% finished. Huge thanks to my family for, firstly, calming me down 'cause I was frEAKING OUT, and then helping me find a way to reduce the bit rate of my big music files to bring down the size of the project. <3 (So if you want to use the music I used here in one of your projects, you can get the non-compressed versions from the links below in the credits!)

GIGANTIC THANK YOU ACCOMPANIED WITH LOADS OF VIRTUAL HUGS to my amazing voice actors!!! You've really brought my script to life in a way I never imagined possible. <3 <3

(also if you listen carefully to the background chatter in the orphanage scene, you may hear the words, 'my favourite colour of the alphabet is two'. You're welcome.)

C r e d i t s :


based on the RPG by @-ninjagirl-

Dellah - conceived by @bubble103, voiced by @meowfacewarriorcat
The Mistress - conceived by @bubble103, voiced by @12igloo12md
Drake - conceived by @bubble103, voiced by @thedarkpegusus
Carer - conceived by @bubble103, voiced by @bubble103
Zora - conceived by @DestinyDragon12, voiced by @Taylersmallpaws
Josh - conceived by @Codeman12323, voiced by a friend
Tester - conceived by us five original rpers, voiced by @bubble103
Jax - conceived by @bubble103, voiced by @RainbowDragon-
Carl - conceived by @bubble103, voiced by @ComputerWhiz99

Cybele - conceived by @bluedragon24601, voiced by @skyfearn
Malick - conceived by @horibledory, voiced by a friend
Rosa - conceived by @cutepower1, voiced by @india_lovelace
Ameree - conceived and voiced by @X-Scratch_Queen-X
Tara - conceived by @inFrost
Lucid - conceived by @jshen1
Clyde - conceived by @sk8723

art & programming by @bubble103

'Mountains' by @StarflowerVII
'Ascension' by @AgentRoop
'Into Battle' by @StarflowerVII
'The Lost Battle' by @StarflowerVII
'A New Regime' by @iamlink1

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