Owl Adventures

by Aepic
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Notes and Credits

Use the arrow keys to move. Jump over water and pits.
When advancing or going back through levels you keep your "y" position but your "x" position changes.

Levels 3-4 Explained below!

Curated by @purplemoondust.

Thanks to anyone who loves, favorites, or follows!

Everything made by me (Except the sound and font of course).
The font is Monoglyceride.
Credit to some crickets for the sound.

No advertising!

On level 3 proceed on to the rock, then try and get to the closest tree. Now get to the last tree in the level and hold the up and right arrow keys. Now jump from tree to tree in level 4. Once to the last tree in the level press the left and right arrow keys at the same time, that should get you to level 5, and level five is very easy so I shall not explain it.

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