Rhea's Garden

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At long last, I've finished Rhea's Garden, an interactive magical garden game where you can do various things. (Note that there are much more things that are there in the garden, but I didn't do all).
Please report all glitches! :)

Once you make the garland, don't try to make another! There's a glitch there which I haven't finished fixing, but I wanted to share this project, so I decided to fix it later.

FEATURED???? I did NOT expect this at all! THANKS A LOT to whoever recommended this!
Featured- 25/05/2016
Press space to proceed with all dialogues.

The reason I got inspired for this project was because of a painting of the same Tree of Positivity I did on my wall in my bedroom!

The signpost glitch
The exit button glitch
If you find any more glitches, please report them to me and I'll try to fix them soon.
Edited thumbnail: 27/08/16

Notes and Credits

If you advertise, I will have to delete the comment. :(
The jumping script in the mini-game is by @DTTechnology , who remixed a game based on the game 'Jump' by @Voltano .

Sorry I can't reply to all the comments! I do read them all though!

The idea for a dove in the girl's heart and the singing flowers is by @Fairy_Fan , who will be making informative projects for Fairy Tail fans.
Font in thumbnail by @-fontify-
The idea for 'Rhea's Garden' is entirely by me, as is the Tree of Positivity. I know that I've randomly mentioned a 'Moonlit Lake', but I'll be making a project about that specifically later (hopefully!)

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