An Eventful Adventure!

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Notes and Credits

To try out the original version, go to the Scratch 3.0 Editor:
Then click on 'View 2.0 Project' and paste this link:
This project shows how the Scratch cat escaped the editor, but more importantly, what he did once he got out! :o
Click the "Share" button when it shows up near the start!
Some of the parts in this game adapt to how well you're doing, so don't get discouraged if you find it hard to start with! :)
Don't play in full-screen!
I put quite a bit of thought into the transitions and movements. Not only trying to make them smooth, but also from changing how much of the sky/ground you see to the way the Scratch cat reacts to different objects when in different parts of the level, but do let me know if there are certain aspects you feel aren't quite right!
As always, constructive feedback is very much appreciated! :D

I'd like to give a big thanks to @WO997 for the awesome platformer engine, @ScratchCat for inspiration and for some of the costumes used and @griffpatch for the 16-frame Scratch cat walk-cycle as well as 2 other costumes.
A lot of effort was put into this project, so I hope you enjoy!
- @Unrealisation

Music by DJVI. The song is called Moonstone.
Font from Dafont and was made by Pixel Sagas.
All graphics, other than the ones mentioned above, were made by me! :)

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