The Impossible Game

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---------------------- NOW WITH CLOUD HIGH-SCORES ----------------------
Click / Up Arrow = Jump

.::ON TITLE::.
Blue Button = Song name; click to play.
Green Button = Leaderboards for that song; click to view.

- You can now jump onto and off of the black blocks (sliding off just shoots you downward, and I can't come up with a fix) :(
- Added blocks in Midnight Siege
- Changed box sprite because the old one gave a tiny bit of lag
- Changed jumping to implement gravity
- ^^used for implementing jumping blocks later on
- Made spike distance closer, so it is easier to jump over triples
- Added a way to access leaderboards without playing (Button)
- You can now only have your name in the leaderboards once.
Complete rework of game. Includes following features:
- Title Art
- Title Music
- Different Songs (coming)
- Use of cloud lists (thanks to @Lirex )
- High-scores revamped
- Nearly infinite high-score spaces for each song

Notes and Credits

---Shared on May 21, 2013---
*OMG 450K+ views! THANK YOU ALL!!!!!! :D*
I am still working on adding different songs. Have fun!

Post your best score in the comments! Have fun :D
Don't forget to ♥LOVE♥ + ★FAVORITE★ if you like! :D

'The Impossible Game' was originally created by 'fluke dude' for the XBOX 360, and I remade the game (sort of) on Scratch!

Music: At The Speed of Light - by Dimrain47
Midnight Siege - by Dimrain47
Ecstasy - ATB

Cloud List: @Lirex

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