RIFT (Pen)

by Noroz
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It looks like you've ended up here, at RIFT! This is a completely pen rendered game. You can compete against others for the title of the highscore!

The blocks are randomly spawned, one at a time, but you can't see them until they are close to you. But there's a twist: the blocks speed up at intervals of 10 seconds! Not only that, but there will be double blocks after 30 seconds! Click or press space to jump. Avoid the blocks and don't touch the top or bottom. See how far you can get, and don't forget to have fun!

Thank you for the top-love!

Try fullscreen!

100% Pen, 100% by me

Laggy? (It shouldn't be) Try phosphorus: http://phosphorus.github.io/#103123593

You must be a "Scratcher" to access the cloud data, meaning to set the highscore you must be a "Scratcher"

Here's a tip: The ceiling and floor are rotating WITH the blocks, along with the player. Don't think they all rotate individually, that can be disorienting :)

Please don't say it is disorienting, it's all part of the challenge!

Music is Thrift Shop instrumental

Developing time: 6 hours (one day)

3/27/16: Shared
3/27/16: Play screen updated

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