Jumper (Platformer)

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Just want to say the highscore is broken, It's hard to explain but basically anyone (if they know how) can set the highscore to whatever they want, using a glitch in the editor, as far as i know i can't fix it as I don't think its a error in my coding, as its possible to do with many other projects.

Also thank you for over 400000 views! it's really incredible so a huge thanks to everyone. Also sorry for my awful grammar :p 5/17/2018

Featured?!?! Thanks so much scratch team! 6/19/2016
Wow 55000+ views 6/21/2016
WOW Thanks!!! 100000+ views 6/24/2016
20000+ Views Thanks so much! 12/9/2016

by the way i know the music was used in geometry dash and castle crashers but it was made by waterflame :)


-World record is 57.5 made by @mccalmas000
(by the way new scratchers cant compete in the highscore)
try to beat my record its 48.6

INSTRUCTIONS (some also in game)
-Click play button to start.
-A and D or left and right arrow keys to move.
-Get to the right side of the screen to go to the next level.
-Try to get past all 20 levels as fast as possible to get the highscore.
-Try not to touch the color red
-touch color pink to bounce into the air.
-Light Blue is water press down arrow key or S to swim down
-press R to restart the level
-press and hold G then press R then release to restart the game
-press the menu button at the bottom left to go to the menu (this will not save the progress in the game)
-Click on the color on the menu to change the players color
Platforming Engine by @Wes64
Music Jumper by Waterflame
the rest was by me :D

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