Desembra Lineart MAP Part 3

remixed by kitkatkittycat
See inside

You probably have to click the flag twice/watch it twice (try playing it on turbo mode, it worked for me :D shift+click - it also works not on turbo mode if you click the flag again on the eye blinks after the antlers near the end)

MAP part for @Wavestar101 - hope this is ok!

Notes and Credits (added by kitkatkittycat)

**SMALL FLASHING WARNING** I just reversed the palette colors and made the black slightly lighter to avoid adding anything serious though (even without being physically affected by flashing myself, it sure is annoying X'D so I try to keep it to a minimum)

Ayy look who animated Lucid and Aster again... For the millionth time... Yeah. :P well here's that

Preeeetty sure all of the parts are gonna be fighting haha X'D sorry that mine adds to that

And I learned that deer have weird hooves??
I also learned that it's hard to animate to spooky noises, no matter how cool they sound :P

Coming soon... Wolfie's adventures in high school AKA my next MAP part that needs to be done XD

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