Ultra clock

See inside

The alarm is slightly complicated. first you click the arrows to set the clock to what time you want the clock to go off at. Click the next sound button until the sound you want shows up underneath. click the set alarm button and then wait. You simply leave this project running and it will go off at the desired time. still many bugs so please let me know.
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So many comments. My computer started to lag and crashed twice from the amount. but they are still appreciated
new color coming soon can you guess what it is???
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Notes and Credits

Idea is kind of well known, code originally by me, Different Timer sounds (idea) credit to DarkLava <--------- 3600+ followers ( Really good) Alarm sounds are from scratch or iPhone
I spent like a month on this but still let me know if there is anything I can improve, fix, or add
Free to remix without asking just give credit please
there may still be bugs so let me know
working on different colors, as many have requested
hope this is useful.
I really never thought this would happen
i will try to answer to comments but i may not be able to reply to some.
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featured on 17th of April right after Easter!

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